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Stay in the loop with your coating systems and coating processes in real time, 24/7


vConnect allows you to connect your coating systems to your global production dashboard, giving you an all-round overview in real time of system utilisation, material/energy consumption, coating quality and many more data.

vConnect supports a widely used industry standard (OPC UA = Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture). That means you can read various types of data from your systems in real time and send them to an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program, giving you smooth coating and resource planning workflows.

How you benefit

  • Universal communication due to standardised protocol
  • Easy connection and intuitive setup
  • High IT security
  • Read out real-time values for system status, e.g., batch status/sequence, signals, alarms, etc.
  • Read out real-time values of process data, e.g. media consumption, recipes, pressure values, etc.

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