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Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings are perfectly suited to the most extreme wear conditions and high sliding speeds, even without lubrication. They minimise frictional losses, making them ideal for engine components such as fuel injection systems, valve trains and pistons. Many other applications, ranging from pumps and compressors to bearing shells and rollers, and from textile machines to medical technology, also exploit the outstanding gliding properties of DLC coatings.

Through its extreme hardness, BALINIT® DLC provides excellent protection against abrasion, tribo-oxidation and adhesive wear, whilst permitting high surface pressures that would otherwise quickly cause scuffing and cold welding.

  • Extremely hard
  • Low friction losses
  • Ideal for high speeds
  • Excellent abrasion protection
  • Higher sliding velocity

Recommended applications

Demand for BALINIT® DLC is today chiefly driven by its excellent low-friction behaviour and high-level wear resistance for high loaded or high speed sliding components.

Components applications

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