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METAPLAS.DOMINO kila flex The PVD equipment with highest technology standard and maximum flexibility


The METAPLAS.DOMINO kila flex meets all the requirements of a flexible, customer-oriented, low-maintenance production machine, which keeps all doors open for special requests. Therefore, the freely accessible octagonal PVD chamber with 2 doors for loading and unloading is an ideal platform for automation and easy operation with reduced maintenance. At the same time, in addition to arc and sputter technologies, PACVD precursor systems can also be used and integrated into the system.

  • APA Arc, HiPIMS sputtering or HI3 technology on up to 6 flanges
  • New etching technology ADVANCED AEGD
  • Double-walled, water-cooled stainless steel chamber accessible from both sides with 2 chamber doors
  • Automatic opening and closing of loading door for automation process
  • Precursors for various PACVD processes, also in combination with a nitriding process
  • Retrofitting of various technologies and analysis systems (plasma) depending on customer requirements

Equipment with free chamber and two doors

The flex versions are perfectly designed for future integration of newly developed technology as well as for example integration into automated production processes.

Properties METAPLAS.DOMINO kila flex
Usable coating volume Ø 620 mm x 700 mm
Available coating modules Arc, Sputter, HiPIMS, HI3, Nitriding
APA arc evaporators 4 to 16
Magnetron sputter sources 1 to 6
Available power supplies DC, DC pulse, middle frequency (MF), HiPIMS, (RF upon request)
Available BIAS Bipolar pulse, middle frequency
Plasma cleaning All systems equipped with patented power etching process AEGD
Standard substrate table
(others upon request)
9 shafts

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