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High-performance PVD Systems for tools coating


Oerlikon Balzers is a globally leading provider of wear-resistant coatings for tools used in metal and plastics processing applications. Our customers have been benefiting from this in-depth know-how in surface solutions and industrial engineering for over 35 years. Currently, Oerlikon Balzers operates more than 100 coating centres in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Americas, and Asia, and sells coating systems to customers around the world. Over 700 coating systems for high-end tool coating applications are in service worldwide. Equipment engineering and assembly of the Balzers machines are headquartered in Balzers in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Consistently aligned with customer needs

Consistently aligned with customer needs

Oerlikon Balzers leverages its decades of experience to generate maximum added value for each customer by providing the optimised coating system solution. Every machine type is aligned with different requirements but based on the same development principles. This is how Oerlikon Balzers can dependably assure consistently high process reliability.

Benchmark in technology

Benchmark in technology

Versatile Magnet System (VMS)

  • Achieves most homogeneous coating structure, increasing target utilization and boosting productivity
  • Oerlikon Balzers’ proprietary Versatile Magnet System (VMS) complies with the requirements of modern arc technology
  • Infinitely variable magnetic field and compensation target depletion

Advanced Plasma Optimizer (APO)

  • Offers unique plasma adjustment options
  • Provides access to countless possibilities for customising coating designs and product differentiation in the marketplace
  • Available for BALINIT® LATUMA and BALINIT® PERTURA coatings

Heating and etching technology

Heating and etching technology
  • Improving etching rates and etching homogeneity while reducing maintenance cycles to a minimum
  • IET and SET allow the customisation of a wide range of parameters to obtain the required, tool-specific surface condition
  • Outstanding coating adhesion and a perceptibly positive impact on tool performance, service life and reproducibility

BALINIT® Coating Portfolio

BALINIT® Coating Portfolio

Coating with BALINIT® provides you with high-performance tools that are always ready to meet the increasing demands of modern manufacturing. A broad range of coating technologies are available for almost unlimited cutting, forming, punching, metal die casting or plastics processing applications. Working in close collaboration with our customers throughout the world, our specialists are continuously opening up new applications. Customized coatings are available on request.

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