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Cutting High-quality coatings for cutting tools from Oerlikon Balzers

Whether through higher productivity, more reliable production or increased efficiency – wear protection coatings offer huge potential savings.


Coated tools can tolerate significantly higher cutting speeds and feeds, reducing machining time and costs. Their outstanding wear resistance, moreover, significantly extends tool life.

High-speed cutting (HSC) and dry machining generate extremely high temperatures. Thanks to the outstanding thermal stability, hot hardness and oxidation resistance of the coating, the heat is dissipated through the chips, without adversely affecting the cutting edge.

Special coatings with low friction coefficients and a low tendency to adhere, facilitate the machining of hard-to-machine materials such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys, and high-alloy steels.

We offer the ideal coating for your application, according to the material to be machined and processing step involved. Whether turning, milling, drilling, reaming, threading or gear cutting - our first rate coatings will make your production faster, more efficient, and more reliable.


Re-sharpened and re-coated tools provide the same performance as new coated tools and, thus, significantly longer overall tool life.

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