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The DOMINO kila was designed for the production of cost-effective coatings based on APA Arc and ADVANCED AEGD technology. It offers standardized technology packages at an attractive price and can still be upgraded with a few additional technologies such as sputtering and nitriding.

  • APA Arc technology with up to 4 flanges
  • Short cycle times and high evaporation rates
  • New etching technology ADVANCED AEGD
  • Retrofitting of nitriding and sputtering technology possible
Properties METAPLAS.DOMINO kila
Usable coating volume Ø 620 mm x 700 mm
Available coating modules Arc, Sputter, HiPIMS, HI3, Nitriding
APA arc evaporators 4 to 16
Magnetron sputter sources 1 to 4
Available power supplies DC, DC pulse, middle frequency (MF), HiPIMS, (RF upon request)
Available BIAS Bipolar pulse, middle frequency
Plasma cleaning All systems equipped with patented power etching process AEGD
Standard substrate table
(others upon request)
9 shafts

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