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Thread Former Coated
Food-safe and often used for medical instruments
Gold Coating

It all began with titanium nitride. BALINIT® A moreover continues to be a versatile wear protection coating that provides effective reduction of abrasive and adhesive wear in many varied applications.

It is also applied decoratively or as a wear indicator, or used for special applications as low-temperature coating BALINIT® A ARCTIC at temperatures up to 200 °C.

Initial trials of TiN-coated forming tools in 1977 were very successful: service life was increased by a factor of 4. Development and marketing of PVD hard coatings for tools was given the official go-ahead one year later on 1 September  1978. 

  • Balzers’s first wear protective PVD coating
  • Available as a low-temperature coating
  • Versatility since 1978
  • Food-safe
  • Decorative gold-yellow color

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