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Outstanding corrosion protection and anti-adhesion properties, have made BALINIT® DYLYN a well-established coating. Its wear protection and friction properties  are especially important for mechanical engineering, plastics processing and the semiconductor industry.

During the process of Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD), chemical reaction is caused by plasma excitation and ionization. Optimum quality and performance is ensured by coating in a clean environment under vacuum conditions, and by correct handling of parts and components, a critical task, in which we are highly experienced.

BALINIT® DYLYN is also used for cavities and moulding applications in the medical industry and packaging industries (especially for screw cap and PET bottle manufacturing), as well as for all of the moving and sliding parts of injection moulding tools.

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    General Engineering

    General Engineering
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    BALINIT® DLC coating series - Carbon-based coatings

    BALINIT<sup>®</sup> DLC coating series - Carbon-based coatings

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