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BALINIT C coated
BALINIT C coated for bevel gear
BALINIT C coated for con rod
BALINIT C coated for roller bearings

Tribological coatings are mainly used to reduce adhesive wear, associated, for instance, with seizing or cold-welding. A low friction coefficient and good sliding properties make them ideal for low lubrication and even dry running applications.

BALINIT® C is a WC/C-based coating, and thus a mixture of metal and diamond-like carbon. The result is the ideal way to reduce surface fatigue and tribo-oxidation. 

  • Reduces adhesive wear
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Good sliding properties

Recommended applications

These qualities make BALINIT© C the perfect tribological coating for gears and ball bearings subjected to high surface pressure levels, highly stressed precision combustion engine components and non-lubricated systems (for instance in clean rooms).

Other applications include punching and forming (low-lubricant or dry working), plastic injection moulding (dry running of moving tool components) and trimming of aluminium sheet metal.

Biocompatible and foodstuff-neutral, it is moreover the ideal coating for ideal coating for medical instruments and food processing.

Components applications

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