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Long lasting, brilliant injection mould surfaces
Wear resistant mould surfaces for high quality plastic components.

The mirror-polished surfaces of plastics injection moulds are very sensitive. BALITHERM® PRIMEFORM treatment is the ideal way to improve de-moulding, optimise process reliability and enhance component quality. Heavily stressed areas are rendered wear resistant and are protected against scratching, environmental factors and improper handling.

This treatment of injection moulds can increase productivity by up to 60%. PRIMEFORM diffusion treatment increases injection mould surface hardness up to 1400 HV. This makes the moulds significantly more robust, and reduces build-up, spalling and edge embrittlement.

Repairs and re-polishing are, moreover, possible without stripping and re-coating, significantly reducing maintenance and down times.

PRIMEFORM is thus the ideal treatment for plastics injection moulds for the automotive, furniture, packaging and medical technologies industries.

  • Surface hardness increased up to 1400 HV
  • Readily polished and welded
  • Consistently high component surface quality

Recommended applications

Plastic Processing


  • Examples: bumpers, headlights, and seat shells


  • Examples: external parts

Household appliances

  • Examples: high-gloss fittings and fascia panels

Medical technology

  • Example: Reusable syringes

Agricultural machinery

  • Examples: external parts


  • Example: plastic seats

Electrical devices

  • Example: covers

Packaging industry

  • Example: Beverage bottles

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