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Neumünster, May 27, 2011 – Anyone who wants to consider himself market as well as technological leader must point out innovative routes to the future. For more than 60 years, Oerlikon Neumag, business unit (BU) of the group segment Oerlikon Textile, has faced this challenge as a customer-oriented supplier of reliable installations in the worldwide industry for synthetic fibres and nonwovens. And it meets the challenge with high-performance technological developments.

BCF: Distinct Performance Plus with S+

With a 65 percent market share, Oerlikon Neumag is the leading global supplier of systems to manufacture highly developed BCF carpet yarn. The company achieved market leadership through continuous development work to improve the machines, components and processes. The result: individual solutions, from modular systems all the way to turnkey systems. The equipment generation S+ is a good example of the technological capacity that serves as the foundation. This BCF machine brings together all the benefits of previous technologies: proven components like the godets and texturing characteristics of the S5, along with the straight yarn path and the optimized spinning mill from the Sytec One. The optimization measures also allow the S+ to dramatically increase production speed, reaching 99 percent performance.

Staple Fibres: Greatest Worldwide Capacity with 300 Tons per Day

Over 25 staple fibre systems installed around the world, with a capacity of 200 tons per day – there is no better proof for the performance of a technology. And now the next developmental step has been taken: The new system, with a capacity of 300 tons per day and thus the highest output in the world of a single line manufacturing polyester staple fibres, significantly reduces operating and production costs per ton.  The first systems are already in operation: One of the first customers is the Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) in Taiwan , a leading manufacturer of polyester products in Asia . However, Oerlikon Neumag also has smaller systems in its portfolio: For example, inline staple fibre systems for the production of fibres for nonwoven applications. These systems produce up to 80 tons per day of fibres, e.g. made of recycled PET or for use in geotextiles.

Nonwoven: All Technologies Contribute to Market-Oriented Developments

Oerlikon Neumag has an extensive range of nonwoven technologies, from spunbond and meltblown to airlaid and carding. The uses include special technical applications such as filtration, roofing, geotextiles and automotive. And the company also offers tailored solutions applying web forming processes such as the Bico process for spunbund products.

A newly developed highlight applying carding is the new Stylus needle punching machine, a combination of the proven needling technology by Fehrer and the innovative Variliptic drive modules. Equipped with the needle pattern design program "i-point," the machine greatly improves the nonwoven quality. Oerlikon Neumag's powerful carding technology also facilitates processing of a wide range of nonwoven materials. "We can process many different polymers with our spunbond technology. And our superior carding technology enables us to further process the most varied nonwoven materials. Our equipment puts us in the perfect position to serve markets for innovative applications such as technical nonwovens," adds Georg Stausberg, head of the Business Unit Oerlikon Neumag.

Development of Applications: Pilot Systems in Linz and Neumünster

Oerlikon Neumag not only has technology locations in Germany , Italy and Austria , but also runs pilot installations for customer trials and application development all over the world. There is the Carding Competence Centre in Linz , Austria , with a production line comprising the entire process from bale opening to winding of the nonwoven product. Currently, the plant produces for example innovative products made of carbon or PTFE, allowing customers significantly faster market introduction. And at the German headquarters in Neumünster, the Technology Centre has a pilot system for staple fibres as well as a 5,000 square meter Spunbond Solution Centre. The focus is on special product developments for staple fibres and spunbond, including those made to customer specifications.

Always Focused on Customer Benefit: Engineering, Support, and Service

The focus on customers is apparent in the comprehensive support and service offered, from system design to engineering, covering every aspect of the production of BCF carpet yarn, staple fibres and nonwovens. The same principles always apply: a detailed understanding of the entire production chain down to the final product, with the focus on customer benefit, quality, and innovative power.

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