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BCF polyester carpet yarn continues to gain ground worldwide

While just a few years ago BCF carpet yarns were maily made from poylpropylene, today polyester carpet yarns account for approx. 70% of the global market share.

BCF polyester carpet yarn continues to gain ground worldwide

Polyester is by far the polymer most frequently-used for carpet yarns.The majority of these polyester yarns are produced in the US. But polyester is increasingly gaining carpet yarn market shares outside the US as well. In addition to the Asia/Pacific region, a strong trend towards polyester is noticeable particularly in Turkey. Turkey and the USA are the largest manufacturers of carpets in the world. 

The trend towards polyester has various reasons. One reason is the constantly-rising world market price for the polymer polypropylene, which has been most widely used outside the US to date. To this end, the raw material price for polypropylene is meanwhile consistently higher than that of polyester. A further reason is the growing importance of sustainability. Although technical progress has been made in recycling polypropylene and nylon waste over the past few years, polyester recycling is still the most developed of these processes. To this end, many polyester carpets already contain some recycled plastics.

In addition to the above-mentioned ecological and economic factors, polyester also has technical benefits for carpets. Polyester is known for its luxurious appearance, its handle and its choice of bright, strong colors and styles. These yarns are ideal for carpets that are subject to constant use, such as in offices or automobiles, among others. And due to their moisture-repellent structure, polyester carpets are also ideal for outdoor areas.


Arndt Luppold

Oerlikon Neumag, Sales Director BCF