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The Successful Automation in the Chemical Fiber Industry

By offering highly sophisticated and proven robotized handling, packing, transportation and warehouse systems for the chemical fiber industry, in combination with a state of the art OPC-UA communication Platform with integrated MFC/MES systems, Oerlikon Barmag´s automation solutions have guaranteed since a very early stage turnkey supply to our customers, who are in need of a perfectly integrated production and logistic solution.

Wiping Robot

The wiping robot guarantees outstanding yarn quality with a high degree of efficiency and optimized systems management. As a result, yarn manufacturers can minimize costs and maximize profits. How is this possible? It’s really quite simple: conventionally, the wiping process is sweat-inducing work. By automating it, yarn manufacturers can not only increase the full package rate and reduce the yarn break rate – they can also minimize the deployment of staff at the spin packs and produce less waste, hence supporting their HSE (Health – Safety – Environment) initiatives.

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