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Advanced Services

Want to achieve maximum performance, operational reliability and product quality?

Our excellence in business services will improve your value chain

Do you derive sustainable benefit from best practice optimisation? With your goals as their focus, our qualified experts will advise and support you along the entire textile value chain with a variety of expertise-based services.

Operational efficiency: your path to success

Top performance depends on the interplay of many factors. Our specialists are familiar with these variables and have all the necessary tools at their disposal for enhancing performance, developing future-proof system concepts and unlocking cost potential. In this process we gear ourselves to your aims and requirements and analyse operation and sequences according to your wishes. We recommend worthwhile steps towards optimisation and compare cost and benefit. Trust us: as an OEM we have knowledge of machines and markets that extends back over decades. As a technology leader we always strive for peak performance. The success of our customers is the yardstick for our own performance.



Companies that have their plant technology inspected at regular intervals lessen the risk of sudden technical failure, which often results in high consequential costs. Our machines operate with the utmost reliability, but we also recommend an inspection of machine components. That’s because their condition not only exerts an influence on your productivity today; it also determines whether smooth operation or unscheduled, usually cost-intensive shutdowns, damage and expenditure will be the norm in the future.

Our service technicians are happy to visit your mill on request and check the technical condition, settings and efficiency of components. They will analyse possible sources of faults or failure probability and advise which replacement parts or repair services are needed.

Performance check

Performance check

Already in great demand, this new analysis tool will grant you an in-depth insight into your operational performance and offer important recommendations for the targeted optimisation of processes, quality and efficiency. Our service package includes the following measures:

  • Plant analysis over several days with machine check (electrics, mechanics and environment) and process check (operation, maintenance, repair), interviews with operators, servicing staff and mill managers, analysis of troubleshooting sequences.
  • Processing of the data accumulated and documentation of recommendations according to customer-specific aims and requirements.
  • Presentation of results and discussion of the options for action. Successful projects One top manufacturer of polyester yarn was able to optimise the working processes on the basis of a performance check.
  • Savings of 50 percent were achieved with regard to waste and the time required in the clearing process alone.

Successful projects

Another textile manufacturer will save a significant six-digit sum in euros within two years and for each further year due to the optimisation realised as a result of a performance check.

Training courses

Training courses

Well-trained employees utilise their potential to the full and get the most out of your system. They increase productivity and quality, cut downtimes and rejects – and they take pride in this. Our experienced training team will turn your technicians and operators into winners like this for your company. We tailor training programmes precisely to your needs and your equipment. Visit our modern training centre in Germany – or we will come directly to your plant. Below is a selection of possible training courses and contents:

  • Standard training prior to system start-up.
  • Introduction to machine equipment and processes.
  • Fast, independent execution of scheduled servicing and repair work.
  • Training and support for all aspects of operational and process optimisation.

For many training modules we also offer e-learning programmes. Talk to us!