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Tow ropes are available for different classes of vehicles; usually the towing load is between 1.9 and 6 tons.

Tow Rope

Tow ropes are mostly made of man-made fibers and require a certain elasticity. On the one hand, this ensures a reasonably smooth tow. On the other hand, it does not break so quickly when the enormous forces of two inertial masses, i.e. the two vehicles, act on the rope when starting. 

What is required here are high-strength and at the same time stretchable yarns made of polypropylene, polamide or polyester filaments. Compared with other materials, polymers score points for their resistance to UV rays, moisture, oils and other (chemical) operating substances, their long service life, their flexibility and their light weight. Different standards are required depending on the application.



Jen Supra

Oerlikon Barmag, Technology Manager Industrial Yarn