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Continuous Polycondensation Plant Solutions

The efficient and high-end continuous polycondensation plants of our subsidiary company Oerlikon Barmag Huitong Engineering (OBHE) produce a homogenous melt using a chemical reaction which transfers different monomers into polymers.

Total Control over the entire process chain

During this process, side products such as water are created. A high-end melt like this is the basis for high-quality yarn used for fiber-grade and bottle-grade polyester.
The benefits of an in-house polycondensation system are clear to see: in addition to independence from external granulate manufacturers, short-term price fluctuations within the raw materials market an direct influence on polymer quality, it is - above all - the additional value added that promises further profits.

PET Production Lines 

Up to now, we have provided more than 8.5 million tons production capacity to global customers. More than 60 CP production lines have been contracted and built by OBHE, of which the process of 5 reactors, 4 reactors and 2 reactors are adopted, and in which the minimum and maximum capacity of single line can reach 30t/day and 1800t/day respectively. The technology of differential polyester has been applied in CP production by OBHE for the first time, furthermore, the relevant CP plant which is suitable for differential polyester production has been launched successfully, meanwhile, the melt direct spinning is also realized, so that the product quality of differential polyester is significantly improved and the production cost is reduced. Presently many plants are running successfully which including the various kinds of products such as CDP, ECDP, low melting point, fire retardant, water (alkali) soluble, high shrinkage and so on.

OBHE has been engaged in researching of technology of semi-continuous polyester plant for many years and always occupied the leading position, and various processes have been developed successfully such as 1-stage esterification and 1-stage polycondensation, 2-stages esterification and 1-stage polycondensation, 1-stage esterification and 2-stages polycondensation, so as to satisfy different demands from the market, in which the maximum capacity of single line can reach 150t/day, the market share of all built projects is over 70% and mainly are applied in differential products with high additional values.

  • Continuous Polycondensation

    The research of technology of CP with five reactors process has been carried out by our company independently since 1996, the first CP production line with capacity of 80,000t/year had been launched successfully at Jiangyin Huahong in 2000, and up to now 57 CP production lines have been contracted and built, in which the minimum and maximum capacity can reach 30t/day and 1,800t/day, the production process including five reactors and four reactors, covering various kinds of products such as bright, semi-dull, full dull, cationic dyeable (CDP, ECDP), film grade, bottle grade, industry yarn, low melting point, water soluble and so on.

    OBHE CP Technical Features

    1. Stability of advanced technology 
      • Higher esterification rate, less side reaction 
      • EG online recovery with full recycling technology, low consumption 
      • Polycondensation vacuum system without choking, stable production 
      • Vapor phase liquid phase common use, complement each other's advantages
    2. High efficient and reliable main equipment
      • Process column adopt guided float valve tower, high separation efficiency, low energy consumption
      • Vertical-type pre-polycondensation reactor, low energy consumption, good uniformity
      • Unique cage-type polycondensation agitator, large filming area, high efficiency
    3. Energy conservation and consumption saving
      •  Heating or cooling by esterification top water steam, providing heat or cold for spinning and office
    4. Fully automatic control
      • Distributed control system (DCS)
      • DCS system have connection interface for local network (LAN)
        Special equipment or unit directly controlled by on-site control panel
      • Explosion-proof instruments are mainly used onsite with safety barrier
      • Standard electrical signal (DC4-20mA)
      • Each reactor has material level reverse control, good stability
      • Feed-forward control between the final product and the slurry in order to reduce the lag
      • Timely and effective control for melt viscosity
      • Parameters self-tuning, good system stability
  • Batch Polycondensation

    OBHE can provide various sizes of batch, semi-continuous polyester plant according to the demands from different clients.

    OBHE Batch Poly Technical Features

    • Slurry preparation system can complete the preparation of modified polyester raw material, catalysts and additives can be added at low temperature.
    • Addition of second esterification reactor (pre-condensation) facilitate production of differential products, meanwhile it is easy to change product without cleaning reactor, and also avoid start-stop loss and generated waste materials, it can carry on pre-condensation reaction in the second esterification reactor to improve production.
    • Vacuum system adopts EG vapor jet pump, EG is completely recycled, saving energy and reducing the amount of generated wastewater.
    • It is suitable for developing and producing small-lot differential polyester products.