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AI makes it possible

Our AI tool AIM4DTY analyzes and evaluates 100% of the tension fault graphs, and gives instructions for action. In contrast, time-consuming manual analysis results in maximum 5% of the tension fault graphs are processed to optimize the production process.

AI makes it possible

The UNITENS1 monitoring sensor continuously measures the yarn tension at all positions in texturing machines. An error is generated if a measurement value does not lie within the prescribed tolerances – easily creating 125,000 graphs or more a day! In ever more cases, the form of the graphs can provide information on the error causes and ultimately provide targeted and efficient response to these. How can these masses of data now be sensibly processed? 

Here, new technologies such as machine learning reveal opportunities that have to date been locked.Oerlikon Barmag's answer is called 'Artificial Intelligent Manufacturing', or AIM4DTY for short. AIM4DTY is a digital system that is being ‘trained’ using trend charts and their respective errors. The result is a digital customer service that determines the probable causes of quality impairments. The information is instantly available to customers, therefore allowing them to immediately optimize the quality during running production.
New information is acquired by linking the most diverse production data. This allows not only the continual optimization of the production process, it also ensures that predictive maintenance is now a reality – for superior yarn quality, greater process reliability and improved system efficiency. 

1 UNITENS is an internationally registered trademark owned by Saurer Fibrevision Ltd, Macclesfield, UK.