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New customers in growth markets - Gadir Solar (Spain) purchases 40 MWp a-Si end-to-end solution - Chint Solar (China) first micromorph® customer in mainland China

Truebbach, 3 July 2008. - Oerlikon Solar today announced two new contracts. Gadir Solar (Spain) signed a contract for a complete a-Si end to end production line, Chint Solar (China) purchased a micromorph® R&D line and first phase production equipment with plans to grow the production capacity up to 180 MWp in 2010. Equipment will be delivered this year with ramp up in 2009. "By securing both contracts, Oerlikon Solar enlarges its share in important growth markets. This further strengthens our market leading position as provider of proven thin film silicon PV solutions", says Jeannine Sargent, CEO Oerlikon Solar.

Thanks to Oerlikon's innovative thin-film PV technology, solar modules can be produced at a competitive price and are a real solution to the growing demand of clean energy. Gadir Solar and Chint Solar are focusing on this fast-growing market.

Over 300.000 Modules per year

The first stage of Gadir Solar's thin film site in Cadiz, Spain will enable the production of over 300.000 panels per year, subsequent expansion steps are already planned. In addition to the complete a-Si production line Gadir will also receive a R&D-line for the next generation Oerlikon Solar micromorph® technology. Gadir Solar intends to double capacity and convert their a-Si line to higher efficiency micromorph® in the near future. "Oerlikon Solar has proven they are the leader in the thin film silicon PV market, both in terms of their production experience and their unparalleled technology. We have no doubt that we have chosen the right partner to ensure on time production of our thin film silicon modules and realize our growth and cost strategy by leveraging the industries most advanced thin film silicon technology", says David Naranjo Villalonga
CEO of Gadir Solar.

First micromorph® equipment in China

Chint Solar, associated with the Chint Group, a leading supplier in the world of low-voltage electric products with over 40 percent market share in China, directly enters the market with micromorph®. The move in of the R&D equipment will be by the end of the year, with mass production expansion to 180 MWp until 2010, "We see the future of thin film silicon PV technology in micromorph® technology. By partnering with Oerlikon, we are confident that we can successfully.commercialize on this leading technology", adds Dr. Liyou Yang, President and CEO of Chint Solar, a 20-year veteran in the thin film PV industry. Chint Solar, located in Hangzhou (China), plans to use the R&D line to train for technology development as well as to prepare its staff for the start of mass production in the middle of 2009.

Highly cost efficient production

The advanced Oerlikon Solar end-to-end production line enables highly cost effective manufacture of thin-film silicon modules. The end-to-end solution embraces the entire production process from glass cleaning and in-line inspection to testing of the finished solar modules. Oerlikon Solar also delivers its full-service package for commissioning the process equipment and securing production ramp-up and offers the entire metrology system for quality control: the "back end" of module production and its proprietary process technology. "Our capabilities to enhance the efficiency of proven thin-film silicon solar modules result in a direct reduction of cost of ownership. This is a major advantage for our customers in gaining market share", adds Sargent.

About Oerlikon Solar

Oerlikon Solar offers cost-effective, proven end-to-end solutions for the mass production of thin-film silicon solar modules. These fully automated, modular end-to-end manufacturing solutions are focused on reducing device cost and maximizing productivity. They are available as modular end-to-end solutions with metrology and upgradeability in throughput and process technology.

Oerlikon Solar has developed a unique and innovative technology based on its leadership in thin-film technology and in close cooperation with its customers. An in-house pilot line allows producing, testing and optimizing the solar modules in full production size.

Headquartered in Truebbach, Switzerland, Oerlikon Solar maintains an R&D lab in Europe, as well as global customer support and training through sales and service centers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Oerlikon Solar's Asian Hub, located in Singapore, is currently being ramped up and will open in the second half of 2008.

About Gadir Solar

Gadir Solar is part of a vertically integrated PV group, whose main objective is to reduce the production costs of PV electricity and achieve convergence with grid prices before 2013. Gadir Solar will produce, in a first stage, a 40 MW line of thin film silicon based modules, with the intention of scaling the line into a 65 MW micromorph modules in 2010.

About Chint Solar

CHINT SOLAR (Zhejiang)CO., LTD., is a Sino-American joint venture specializing in research and development, manufacturing and distribution of photovoltaic products. The company was founded in October 2006 with a majority of the investment from CHINT GROUP and it has begun production crystalline Si based PV products in May 2007. The yearly production capacity of c-Si and later thin film solar cells, modules, and systems is expected to reach 380MW by 2010.

Technology excellence and innovation is one of the main pillars of CHINT SOLAR. The company is led by Dr. Liyou Yang, President and CEO of Chint Solar, an internationally renowned thin-film solar cell expert. The company's thin film division is headed by Dr. Teddy Zhou, also a world leading thin-film expert who has been engaged in thin-film R&D for over 20 years in the U.S. CHINT SOLAR has set its goals to becoming a world leader in PV technology and product innovation.

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