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Longer, faster, more reliable – surface treatments for tools and precision components


Surface treatments of tools and precision components for more efficiency, less friction and a longer life time.

Friction and wear are major factors limiting the performance and service life of tools and precision components. Oerlikon Balzers coatings and nitridings are among the most effective ways, to make a significant difference to their operational performance. 

Coated tools improve the productivity and quality of metalworking and plastics processing, while coated components in vehicles, machines and appliances fulfil their functions more reliably and for a longer time.

Oerlikon Balzers surface treatments …

  • reduce wear and friction
  • improve production reliability
  • strengthen oxidation- and scratch resistance
  • increase surface hardness
  • help reducing energy, fuel and lubrication consumption

... noticeably improve efficiency, productivity and life time!

Oerlikon Balzers tribological coatings provide a unique combination of low frictional coefficient, high wear resistance and extreme load capacity. A special feature is the outstanding running in and dry running performance of the coatings developed by Oerlikon Balzers.

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