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BALIQ ANTOS Running smoothly into stainless steels for longer tool life

Tapping is often the final manufacturing step, and ensuring a high-quality product in this critical final phase requires taps to work efficiently and reliably. Therefore, a high-performance coating plays an important role in the production process: it significantly improves wear resistance, enables a favourable torque curve and enhances chip formation and removal.

BALIQ ANTOS coated tools
BALIQ ANTOS coated tools

We have used all our experience and expertise to develop BALIQ® ANTOS which is based on the pioneering S3p technology enabling extremely hard coatings with very smooth surfaces and outstanding adhesion.

BALIQ® ANTOS consists of an AlCrN base coating with excellent wear resistance that offers high performance, especially when tapping stainless steel. The WC/C top coating provides exceptional friction and lubrication properties with high temperature resistance. This produces a smooth running-in effect, with optimized chip formation and removal as a result. The low torque with fewer peak loads helps ensure stable performance and longer tool service life.

S3p® technology produces a smooth surface without droplets Stable and reliable machining process, no post-treatment required
Homogeneous coating distribution Highest precision on the cutting tool geometry
AlCrN base coating provides high wear resistance and excellent adhesion Extended tool life when tapping in stainless steel
WC/C top layer offers outstanding dry lubrication Smooth running-in effect and optimum chip formation
Lower torques with fewer peak loads Stable performance and longer service life
Low coefficient of friction Less thermal load on the tool and excellent surface quality

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