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Metal Forming BALINIT and BALITHERM treated dies stay in shape longer

Metal Forming tools require long-lasting, high quality, reliable and robust surface solutions to ensure high productivity in the stamping press. Oerlikon Balzers solutions are essential for applications such as deep drawing, blanking, trimming or punching, and provided for special tooling, small or large batch production. Press tools combined with a surface treatment from Balzers significantly boost the quality and productivity of your metal forming application.

Metal Forming

Economic efficiency and precision are the goal of all stamping operations. Surface scoring, pick up, galling, burrs and other surface defects on the parts create re-work or scrap and add to the cost of non-quality. Surface treated tools from Oerlikon Balzers retain their form much longer than non-treated tools and significantly reduce cost and downtime by improving part quality. Oerlikon Balzers offers turn-key surface solutions for all press operations from deep draw high strength structure parts to outer skin class A parts.

With BALINIT® and BALITHERM® from Oerlikon Balzers you benefit from:

  • Longer service life through outstanding wear protection of functional surfaces, cutting edges and drawing radii.
  • Lower manufacturing costs due to higher stroke rates and increased service life.
  • Reduced lubricant use through the combination of a hard base layer with a low-friction top layer.
  • Higher production reliability through reduced tool load and ready visual wear monitoring.
  • Better surface quality through outstanding wear protection and reduced cold-welding.

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