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Beyond Surfaces #5 - Coatings

Invented by the devil; Automotive emissions motives; 30 years of “What’s next?”; A bottle everyone is familiar with; Audit means training; Hidden champions;

Beyond Surfaces #5 - Coatings

“The surface is always a complex matter because it is subject to so many influences”. In the latest edition of BEYOND SURFACES, Professor Paul Mayrhofer at TU Wien explains why this was a challenge even for renowned physicists such as Wolfgang Pauli – and demonstrates the best way to tackle the problem together with other experts in the field of surface technologies.

Find out how these technologies help make our cars faster and use resources more sparingly. And how customers around the globe rely on our solutions to create more efficient and sustainable production methods. In addition, our expert Dr. Arkadi Zikin talks about the new applications of this technology and presents a brand new research project with ETH Zurich. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of coatings.

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Invented by the devil

Prof. Paul Mayrhofer on materials and surfaces

Researchers like Paul Heinz Mayrhofer make significant contributions to the expanded use of intelligent coatings in industry. During a visit in Vienna, the materials scientist explained what this is about and the role of Oerlikon Balzers in this area.

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Automotive emissions motives

The reinvention of metal stamping at Beijing Benz Automotive

Aluminum is key to the sustainable automobile. Beijing Benz Automotive relies on the technologies of Oerlikon Balzers when punching and casting the metal.

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30 years of “What’s next?”

Mitsubishi Hitachi’s appetite for advances inspires

Many of us fantasize about living in the future. But at Japan’s Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd., Kazuyuki Kubota, Head of Manufacturing Department and Head of Coating Technology, actually works in the future. This isn’t science fiction. He hasn’t mastered the art of time travel. But when it comes to coating systems and technology, Kubota never stops anticipating the next break through in requirements, capabilities and performance.

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A bottle everyone is familiar with

BALINIT coatings for cost-saving production of PET bottles

Soft drinks, fruit juices and mineral water: they can all be packaged practically and easily in PET bottles. Once the bottles are empty, they are disposed of and can be either recycled or burned with other residual wastes. Their uses are practical, yet their fabrication is complex and challenging. BALINIT coatings from Oerlikon Balzers establish the prerequisites for efficient production.

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Audit means training

A combination with added value

To utilize coating systems as efficiently as possible, you need experience. And that is exactly what you can get in a technical training course from Oerlikon Balzers. Interestingly, the area of training at Oerlikon Balzers is complemented by the area of Operations Audit. Garnat Christophers, Head of Operations Audit and Training, and trainer Walter Stähli explain what they can provide and the rationale for this combined service offering.

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Hidden champions

Precision components in focus

Fine screws in the millimeter range for dental technology, camshafts for Formula 1 engines, roller bearings for wind turbines, pistons for pumps or reeds for the textile industry – all of these are precision components. They need to be coated so that they can fulfill their functions properly. This in turn requires a great deal of experience, a profound understanding of processes and excellent sector knowledge.

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Petra Ammann

Petra Ammann

Head of Communications Oerlikon Balzers

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