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Oerlikon Provides 3D Metal Printing

Additive manufacturing (AM): A new production technology that is driving the next industrial revolution

Also known as 3D printing, AM allows 3D objects of all kinds to be manufactured in a completely new way.

Instead of taking a basic shape – be it an ingot, extrusion or a stock profile - and subjecting it to machining, casting or other treatment, AM allows a component to be created by adding layer upon layer of a huge range of materials. It means that objects can be made in virtually any shape simply by creating a digital model.

AM transforms how we design and manufacture components. Instead of traditional techniques, casting, machining, joining and assembly, it allows complete freedom to create complex shapes which are optimized for their function.

It means nothing less than a new industrial revolution.

If you can imagine it, we can build it. 

  • 3D objects are created using a digital model
  • Materials and geometries are optimized
  • Real world components are created by adding layers of material
  • Components are then finished with a variety of processes

AM: The new possibilities

AM: The new possibilities

AM allows the creation of new components which cannot be achieved by any other process. There are obvious benefits. Weight may be reduced, saving material costs and providing benefits for the service life of the product. Strength may be increased, and several components may be combined into one. Manufacturing costs may be reduced, while product performance and durability can be increased.

There are other benefits too. Short run and custom manufacturing can become practical economically and technically. Product development times can be reduced. Entirely new products can be designed and created. AM allows production to be carried out near the end destination cutting costs involved with suppliers, transportation and warehousing.

It means that your organization can manufacture better products, reduce costs and increase end-user satisfaction.

Oerlikon AM: Leading the new industrial revolution

Oerlikon AM is one of the top 3D metal printing companies and is spearheading the revolution that is Additive Manufacturing. We have gathered together a dynamic team with deep industrial knowledge, backed with state of the art facilities worldwide, built specifically for AM.

We can provide AM solutions in metal alloys and plastic materials. We can support our own AM printing capability with our own metal powder production, research and development, component design, application engineering and finishing.

We are pioneering AM for all scales of manufacture from 1 part to series production runs lasting decades, and across all industries.

We have the expertise to put AM to work for you. Whether you are checking to see what this new industrial revolution offers for your business or if you are seeking to implement AM into your products, we will help you to make your materials and manufacturing requirements a reality.


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    Metal Additive Manufacturing overview brochure

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    MetcoAdd Metal Powder Portfolio for Additive Manufacturing

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