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Oerlikon Additive Manufacturing Leadership

Oerlikon AM includes some of the world’s leading names in additive manufacturing technology, who together have more than a century of experience in the sector.

The leadership team is made up by inspiring professionals with vast experience in the additive manufacturing industry. They come from a range of backgrounds including toolmaking, materials science, engineering and business management, and are united by a shared passion for AM.

They are supported by a skilled workforce with whom they share the commitment of taking AM to the next level. Together, they make excellence possible. Together, they are additive.

Marcus Giglmaier

Marcus Giglmaier

General Manager, Innovation and New Technologies OSS

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Mikkel Pedersen

Mikkel Pedersen

Head of AM R&D

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Anja Goller

Anja Goller

Head of AM & Materials Marketing and Communications

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Meet the Oerlikon AM team

Take a look behind the scenes of the Additive Manufacturing value chain and meet the professionals who bring ideas to life. From materials development, project and process management to design, additive manufacturing and post processing, these colleagues transform concepts into finalized components.

Alper Evirgen

Meet Alper Evirgen, Senior Materials Scientist at Oerlikon. As part of our R&D team he is leading alloy development projects for Additive Manufacturing.

While Oerlikon Metco is already a leading materials provider for multiple industries, we go one step further by developing new advanced materials for future applications.

Peter Finger

Take a look over the shoulder of Project Manager Peter Finger. With his expertise Peter coordinates Additive Manufacturing projects from the beginning to the final delivery of the 3D printed part.
In his role he is connecting the dots between our customers and all the internal departments involved.

Dushan Pamunuwa

Meet Senior Design Engineer Dushan Pamunuwa. With his expertise he ensures the optimal design for Additive Manufacturing.

Often, the components of our customers have been designed for traditional fabrication methods such casting or machining. Dushan's job does not only include the redesign and topology optimization of these parts, but also the process simulations.

Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt leads the Process Development Team at our Additive Manufacturing facility in Barleben.

He and his team develop and optimize the entire AM process chain in order to increase productivity or meet specific customer requirements.

Alexandru Hohoi

Meet Materials Engineer Alexandru Hohoi. He is redefining the way we handle and optimize powders for Additive Manufacturing processes.

From investigating powders to optimizing particle size distribution for enhanced material properties, he's playing a key role in transforming powder management into a strategic advantage.

Marcel Sierau

As a Machine Operator, Marcel is at the heart of the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing. In our production facility in Barleben, he oversees a machine park with more than 20 metal printers with build sizes from small to large scale.

Marcel's expertise is a crucial factor to produce components that meet the high requirements of our customers.

Olivier Messe

As Surface Engineering Manager, Olivier and his team are optimizing processes and technologies for surface finishing that range from CNC machining, to heat treatment to high quality coatings.
To meet the high expectations of our customers, Olivier is also investigating the entire process chain including Materials, the Additive Manufacturing process itself, and multiple post processing technologies.

Niklas Schinke

Post-processing is an often underestimated but critical last step in the Additive Manufacturing value chain. Machinist Niklas handles 5-axis CNC machines in our production site in Barleben.

His job is to remove excess material, decrease average surface roughness and tighten tolerances of the 3D printed component

Andrea Holtzhausen and Christian Schueler

Quality Assurance is one of the most important and challenging steps in the Additive Manufacturing value chain.

Supported by cutting edge technologies, Andrea and Christian are keeping an eye on our 3D printed components, ensuring we meet the highest standards and our customer’s individual requirements.

Mikkel Pedersen

R&D is a driving force for us, pushing the boundaries of Additive Manufacturing. Our Head of R&D, Mikkel Pedersen, and his team are innovating materials, technologies, and processes of the entire Additive Manufacturing value chain.
We are also participating in EU funded projects like DISCO2030 and InShaPe that are investigating multi-material and multi-process Additive Manufacturing as well as innovative beam shaping in order to drive green metal AM.