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Research & Development

We test and develop to create the best materials, technologies and processes for advanced manufacturing.

Oerlikon's dedicated Research & Development team is spearheading innovation in the metal powders development and technology departments. Lead by Mikkel Pedersen, our material scientists and engineers innovate, test and develop materials that are specifically produced for our surface solutions.

We research alloy and material properties in our on-site labs and employing the latest technology and software. This allows us to develop powders for components that are more efficient and resistant.

Additionally, we are spearheading several EU-funded research projects and taking part in organizations that aim to advance this technology into a more sustainable future.

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EU Project InShaPe

Along with the Technical University of Munich, we are aiming for breakthroughs in laser beam shaping technology with EU-funded project InShaPe. Overall, we seek to develop a more efficient way of manufacturing, with advantages such as:

  • A 7 times higher production rate
  • Over 50% lower costs
  • Energy consumption reduced by 60%
  • 30% less waste

Learn more about the project here.

EU Project DISCO 2030

Can hybrid components that are both great in size yet lightweight be efficiently manufactured? With EU-funded project DISCO2030 (combining DISsimilar materials into functional large-scale and lightweight COmponents and structures), we are aiming to achieve just that. 

During the next years, we will develop a manufacturing process that effectively combines metal-metal and metal-polymer materials to produce complex and lightweight parts, such as hydrogen tanks, and ship and rocket engines. 

Learn more about the project here

Advanced Manufacturing Institute

Technology advancement can only be achieved if we work as a team. That is why we have joined forces with the Technical University of Munich through the foundation of the TUM-Oerlikon Advanced Manufacturing Institute.

With nearly a decade of experience as leaders in the sector, Oerlikon AM brings invaluable industrial know-how to the table, allowing for optimal research into several key areas:

  • Material development
  • Process optimization and automation
  • Digitalization of manufacturing processes

Learn more about the institute here

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