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Revolutionizing aerospace with Additive Manufacturing solutions

Metal 3D printing is reshaping aerospace engineering

Additive manufacturing offers numerous benefits for the aerospace industry. It provides design flexibility for the creation of complex and optimized parts that enhance performance and aerodynamics. Lightweighting of 3D printed components contribute to fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Additionally, it has the potential to simplify the supply chain by consolidating parts and streamlining assembly processes. Maintenance and repair benefit from on-demand production of spare parts, reducing aircraft downtime.

Overall, additive manufacturing in aviation offers cost savings, material innovation, and the potential to transform the industry through increased efficiency and improved performance.

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  • Enhanced Performance and Reliability

    Our additive manufacturing solutions utilize advanced materials that offer superior mechanical properties and thermal resistance. This ensures that the components we produce are not only lightweight but also durable and reliable, even under extreme operating conditions.

  • Cost-Effective Production

    The ability to create parts directly from digital designs eliminates the need for costly tooling and reduces material waste. This streamlined production process translates to significant cost savings without compromising quality.

  • Unparalleled Design Freedom

    Additive manufacturing empowers our engineers to unleash their creativity, as it allows us to fabricate parts that were once deemed impossible using traditional manufacturing methods. We can optimize designs for specific applications, resulting in improved performance and functionality.

  • Lightweight Components for Enhanced Efficiency

    With additive manufacturing, we can now create complex structures with intricate geometries that significantly reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity. Lighter aircraft consume less fuel, leading to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Why choose Oerlikon AM as your partner?

The Oerlikon AM Team includes specialists with strong backgrounds in aerospace and defense. With them we provide:

  • AS9100, ITAR registered, full spectrum AM capabilities for quality control and traceability, and affordability, with powder atomization, R&D, and production all delivered in-house
  • Aerospace specific Applications Engineering with focus on areas like Generative Design/Lightweighting, highly customized parts, weld elimination, reverse engineering and replacement of obsolete parts
  • Support for material and component qualification
  • Collaboration Opportunities: Material development, data set/ design allowables generation, R&D, application engineering, series production and prototypes

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