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Oerlikon Unveils Breakthrough Additive Manufacturing Solutions for Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is transforming the industry by offering capital equipment manufacturers unprecedented design flexibility and a seamless transition from prototyping to customized part production. This breakthrough is delivering immediate benefits and a significant competitive edge.

One of the standout advantages of Oerlikon AM is the improved thermal management of critical components, such as pedestals or chucks. This enhancement leads to greater equipment accuracy, faster processing speeds, and increased overall lifecycle value. Additionally, Oerlikon’s AM technology is optimizing fluid flow within complex manifolds, further elevating equipment performance.

Oerlikon's 3D printing technologies enable structural optimization, producing lightweight, high-strength components that offer an improved strength-to-weight ratio. These components are also corrosion-resistant, enhancing durability and extending the lifespan of equipment. Moreover, Oerlikon AM streamlines the manufacturing process by eliminating the need for labor-intensive brazing and multipart assemblies. This simplification not only reduces production time but also lowers costs, accelerating time-to-market for new semiconductor equipment.

With over 85 years of experience in materials development and production, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of metal powders for Additive Manufacturing. These high-quality powders include Nickel, Cobalt, Iron, and Titanium alloys, each rigorously designed, tested, and manufactured to meet exacting industry standards.

"Oerlikon's pioneering AM solutions represent a game-changing advancement for the semiconductor industry," states Dan Haller, Head of Commercial, Additive Manufacturing. "We're setting new standards for efficiency, precision, and innovation, and we’re excited to bring these innovations to the semiconductor market."

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