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ASTM - Standardizing Space

"Two dozen standards for AM have been developed by ASTM International's additive manufacturing technologies committee (F42). Matthew Donovan, an F42 member who is chair of its research and innovation group (F42.90.05), is a principal engineer a Oerlikon AM US. The company provides metal powder and AM metal parts for large aircraft and aerospace companies, among others." Some of these components include satellite and launch components using high strength materials including alloys of Ti, Al, and Ni.

ASTM - Standardizing Space

"Donovan recognizes the importance of these standards.  "I use standards all day, every day," he says.  "The only way I can use these technologies is to be able to prove that the parts we make are good.  To do that, we need standards so we can all speak the same language and know what I'm certifying to the end user is a good part."

Standards help everyone speak the same language."

Excerpt from "Standardizing Space: The Commercial Spaceflight Committee Moves Forward"

Read the full article in the July/August edition of ASTM Standardization News

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