Synchronizer Rings & Coatings – We Drive Technology! Boost transmission shift quality, performance, and durability with our automotive synchronizer components. We rise to the challenge, regardless of the vehicle industry.

Synchronizer Rings & Coatings – We Drive Technology!

Our global presence allows - coating service locally for all applications and reduced logistic cost and combined with full flexibility for Carbon coated synchronizer rings with diameters up to 250 mm.

The right choice for:
  • Small manufacturing to high volume production
  • High performance applications
  • Modular design
  • Cost efficiency
  • Passenger car and motorcycle
  • Heavy & medium duty truck Off-road & agriculture vehicles

From passenger car to commercial vehicle

Today’s preferred solution for modern transmission systems consists of synchronizer components made of stamped steel coated with Carbon friction materials. This is precisely where the Friction Systems specific synchronizer expertise comes into play. Our components are available for single cone and multi cone synchronizers, with many of them based on a modular design.

The advantage: modules can be used in multiple applications, such as passenger cars, trucks and off-road vehicles from Ø 40 to Ø 250 mm ring diameter. 

Truck and off-road applications

Friction Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of Carbon friction components used in heavy duty, commerical vehicle and off-road transmission. Our products are specified by the world’s leading manufacturers and are used in the full range of market sectors – heavy and medium duty, agricultural and off-road vehicle transmissions.

In case of automated and dual clutch transmission an optimized design of the control unit software is possible by the constant friction behavior of our Carbon materials during life time.

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