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  • #ThermalSpray #coating: When was the last time a new #tool delivered 75% process time reduction for you? Out now:… https://t.co/EWMYKyvP0e

  • Materials science creates environmentally-friendly solutions, like biodegradable & self-repairing materials.… https://t.co/CQaqKdDSog

  • We will join this enthusiastic group of professionals. Let's meet at #FABTECH17 https://t.co/GszlHllxlp

  • Closing speech #mtc1. A big thank you to all speakers and participants! Looking forward to seeing you next year for… https://t.co/pkPitWJOFD

  • One efficiency enabler for @Porsche #Panamera: our SUMEBore technology. Story: https://t.co/pdGLEIA8km Video:… https://t.co/QoEYDF4TOn

  • #AM as a driver to improve the state of the world? Dr. @philipproesler, member of the managing board at @wef #mtc1 https://t.co/fUFMzcaBQ3

  • As proud supplier: do you know our solutions for clearance control, oxidation protection, corrosion, wear?… https://t.co/ZdoazMPBvl

  • Dr. Dirk Schlesinger from @TUVSUD raising the issue of common standards and how to test #AM products. #mtc1 https://t.co/fjeCQHWJMx

  • Ralph Resnick from @AmericaMakes: "We need to inform and collaborate wider than just within the industry" #mtc1 https://t.co/XY8ckc28iE

  • #AdditiveManufacturing in the product live cycle of the aerospace industry: insights from Jonathan Meyer @Airbus… https://t.co/FQ4iIxhDa2

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