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With a site that covers 125,000 square feet and dedicates more than 50,000 square feet to printing alone, our Huntersville facility provides tremendous value to customers across the board. Our capabilities include end-to-end engineering, manufacturing, as well as a state of the art research and development center. Our comprehensive metallurgy lab is equipped with industry leading technology that allows for premier powder management from the ground up as well as testing materials. Additionally we offer a wide range of post processing capabilities such as heat treatment and CNC machining. 

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Key Equipment

  • 1x Trumpf TruPrint 1000 (150 W)
  • 1x EOS M280 (400 W)
  • 6x EOS M290 (400 W)
  • 4x EOS M400 (1 kW)
  • 1x EOS M400-4 (4x400W)
  • 1x SLM280HL (2 x 400 W)
  • 1x SLM125HL (400W)
  • 3x Concept Laser M2 Cusing (2x400W)
  • 1x Concept Laser M2 Cusing (1 kW)
  • 2x Trumpf 5000 (3x500W)

Standard Materials Available

  • Ni-based Inconel 625, Inconel 718, H188, H282, HX, C-22, Pure Ni
  • Al-based AlSi10Mg, Elementum Al7050-RAM2
  • Ti-based Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5, Ti-6Al-4V Grade 23
  • Fe-based SS 17-4 PH, SS 316L, Maraging Steel  C300, Tool Steel  H11, Tool Steel  H13

For questions about standard or proposed materials please contact us.

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