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BALINIT TISAFLEX for machining difficult-to-cut materials
BALINIT TISAFLEX for die-sinking end mill
BALINIT TISAFLEX for ball nose end mill

Titanium, nickel-based alloys, stainless steel and hardened steel push cutting tools to their performance limits. Consequently, industries in which these materials are increasingly being used – mould-making, aerospace, the 3C industry (computers, communications and consumer electronics) - are facing new challenges.

BALINIT® TISAFLEX from Oerlikon Balzers provides outstanding oxidation resistance, high thermal stability and excellent wear resistance. The new high-end coating solution is thus the perfect solution for machining these demanding materials.

  • Superior oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Perfect coating solution for machining difficult-to-cut materials like titanium, nickel-based alloys, stainless steel and hardened steel

Recommended applications

Operations such as

  • Finishing with end mills
  • Roughing with end mills
  • Finishing using inserts
  • Drills

Materials leading to the formation of the built-up edge effect causing adhesive wear

  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Titanium-based alloys
  • Hardened steel
The superior properties of BALINIT® TISAFLEX

make it the best coating solution for ambitious machining applications in:

  • Aerospace
  • 3C* Industry
  • Mold making

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