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Versatile, full strength, high performance drilling

Whether stainless steel or cast iron, whether first use or recoated: with its unique nanostructure, BALINIT® PERTURA boosts productivity when cutting a variety of challenging materials and increases process reliability under difficult application conditions.

Profit from PERTURA, the successor to the BALINIT® FUTURA and HELICA coatings. Its nano-layer structure assures optimal balancing of residual stress, hardness and fracture toughness and thus consistently prevents crack propagation. This enables higher cutting speeds than with other coatings as well as extended tool lifetime, even when deep-hole drilling or using minimum quantity lubrication.

  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Very high tool stability
  • Extra smooth surface
  • Perfect for minimum quantity lubrication
  • Excellent oxidation resistance

Recommended applications

Ideal for a diverse variety of carbide drills

  • Deep-hole drills
  • Step drills
  • As well as all standard drills

Ideal for challenging materials

  • C70
  • GGG60
  • GJV
  • Materials with high tensile strength
  • Stainless steels

Ideal for all cooling variants

  • Internal cooling
  • External cooling
  • MQL
  • Dry machining

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