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Fully Automated System

The new FAUS operating unit for automating meltblown systems ensures an increase in both their productivity and reliability.

Increased productivity and reliability

FAUS allows automated system start-up and shut-down, with manual temperature and system component control no longer necessary. In the event of malfunctions, the control unit reacts at an early stage, analyzes malfunctions and acts correspondingly. Innovative recipe management enables product reproduction at the press of a button. To this end, it will be possible to manufacture meltblown nonwovens even more efficiently in the future. Older systems can have the automatic FAUS control unit retrofitted.

The Oerlikon Neumag Meltblown technology enables the cost-efficient manufacture of high-end meltblown and SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond) products. Stand-alone monocomponent and bicomponent meltblown systems produce nonwovens for a whole range of filtration, insulation and sorption applications. As ‘plug & produce’ installations in already existing and new third-party composite systems, the meltblown technology is deployed for a whole range of medical and hygiene products. This solution permits the cost-efficient upgrading of new or existing spunbond systems and offers nonwovens manufacturers access to markets with especially high quality requirements.