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Plant Operation Center

Plant Operation Center (POC) is the all-embracing workflow management system by Oerlikon Manmade Fibers. It is designed to detect and optimize the production processes within a production stage, e.g. spinning or texturing, and / or over all production stages – starting with the raw material up to the end product.

Process monitoring with Plant Operation Center

At the same time, the Plant Operation Center has been extended with a view to integrating all levels of internal order handling. The high degree of modularity, scalability, and system openness makes the Plant Operation Center a perfectly tailored solution enabling a simple start and including the possibility of continuous upgrading. Depending on the settings, this enables the monitoring of processes at any time and from any place.

However, the Plant Operation Center is far more than just a process monitoring tool; it manages processes, products and product quality. Its online quality management system for example not only provides information on whether a position is winding full or short packages; the system also evaluates whether the package and yarn are A, B or C quality. On the one hand, the Plant Operation Center therefore simplifies and streamlines the downstream process steps, but – above all – it provides the yarn manufacturer with the possibility of influencing the production result in a timely manner.