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BALINIT ALCRONA PRO Universal machining at the highest level


Your tools are heavily stressed in production, with high mechanical and thermal strains. Nonetheless, productivity has to be increased. For these demands we created BALINIT® ALCRONA PRO, the top level all-rounder for cutting, punching and die casting. With this coating we were able to significantly excel the performance curve of the already proven BALINIT® ALCRONA. This results in an extremely wear resistant coating with excellent hot hardness and thermal shock stability. In short: The universal coating for superb results in dry and wet machining at high cutting speeds.

  • Broad application range
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Exceptional thermal shock stability and hot hardness
  • Significantly increased cutting speed possible
  • Increase utilization and productivity
Optimized process parameters and modified layer structure Significantly strengthened performance profile Broad application range
Very high wear resistance and excellent hot hardness Vastly improved tool lifetimes compared to conventional all-round coatings
Very good thermal shock stability Top results in both wet and dry machining and at the highest of cutting speeds
Usable at significantly higher cutting speeds Increased machine utilization and productivity
AlCrN-based material composition Groundbreaking all-round coating