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The BALITHERM IONIT OX process renders components highly wear and corrosion resistant by augmenting conventional gas nitriding  with plasma activation and controlled oxidation. During gas nitrocarburizing, chemical reactions and diffusion processes that lead to surface modification (e and g‘-nitrides) take place. Oxidation causes the formation of a homogeneous iron oxide (Fe3O4) layer which significantly boosts corrosion resistance.

This makes BALITHERM IONIT OX an environmentally friendly alternative to standard corrosion protection processes such as hard chrome plating and salt bath nitriding.

  • Very good tribological properties
  • Extended lifetimes
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Environmentally friendly technology
Increased surface hardness Significantly improved wear protection;
Outstanding abrasion and sliding properties;
Reduced material fatigue

Nitriding or nitrocarburizing combined with oxygen

Outstanding corrosion resistance, even in applications using biodiesel or in a marine environment;
Environmentally friendly

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