BALIQ TISINOSThe coating solution for hard machining up to HRC 70

BALIQ TISINOS offers exceptional wear resistance and oxidation resistance
BALIQ TISINOS on end mill
BALIQ TISINOS on ball nose end mill
BALIQ ring

Up to now hard machining steel with more than HRC 62 was tricky, or even not possible. Now BALIQ® TISINOS makes this possible reliably – even for the most subtle surface structures.

One of its unmatched qualities is the precise coating thickness, protecting all shapes and cutting edges homogeneously. With these, BALIQ® TISINOS offers exceptional wear resistance and oxidation resistance, even at extreme temperatures as in hard machining.

BALIQ® TISINOS enables long tool life at toughest conditions. Through the extremely smooth surface, polishing is no longer required, reaching further cost reduction possibilities.

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