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PPD Pulsed-Power Diffusion


Oerlikon Balzers’ PPD™ technology, which uses a combination of hydrogen, nitrogen and electricity but no hazardous chemicals to coat tools, sets a new industry standard by offering an environmentally friendly and less expensive alternative to the chrome-plating process used for wear protection treatment in the automotive industry.

What is PPD™?

A step ahead of traditional nitriding processes, PPD™ is designed to protect automotive stamping tools from harsh production and working environments by endowing them with a wear resistant, hardened surface. Tool size is no issue, as even the largest tools in the industry fit into the PPD™ chamber with its 10m length and 40 metric tonne load capacity.

  • Better quality parts through improved tool surface properties
  • Faster project turnaround thanks to the huge capacity of the PPD™ vessel
  • Cost savings through fewer scrapped parts and reduced tool maintenance
  • Extended component service life

Typical PPD™ applications

  • Automotive Stamping Tools
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