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Oerlikon Surface Solutions AG
Pfaeffikon, Branch Balzers
Iramali 18
9496 Balzers

Balzers surface solutions Thin films that make all the difference

Balzers surface solutions

Surface treatment of tools and components decisively enhances their behaviour, performance and optics.

Productivity, efficiency or the famous first glance - in day-to-day business, these are decided by just a few thousandths of a millimetre. The full strength of Oerlikon Balzers' high-end surface treatments is especially apparent when process-acceleration is required, difficult materials must be cut, or when high-grade optics are important.

We use different methods to improve tool and component performance or optics:

  • PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition)
  • PACVD (Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition)
  • Heat treatment & Nitriding

Each method is carried out under vacuum conditions, which enables reproducible deposition of thin films with defined compositions and specific characteristics.

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Oerlikon Balzers’ PVD and PACVD-based coating solutions

Oerlikon Balzers’ Heat treatment solutions

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