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What began as a technological quantum leap with our S3p® technology (Scalable Pulsed Power Plasma) and the revolutionary new BALIQ® coating generation is now taking the next innovative step.

With BALIQ® UNIQUE, colour has come into play literally for the first time. That means, you can benefit from the outstanding wear protection properties of BALIQ® UNIQUE as well as giving your tools a look that is absolutely unique.


Differentiation – Classification - Visualisation

The unique innovative coating BALIQ® UNIQUE dazzles in a brand new range of colours which leaves the humdrum grey of standard tools in the shadows. However, the gleaming colours are more than just pleasing on the eye; they meet the demands of tool manufacturers, who need to differentiate, classify and visualise their products. They can now assign specific colours to their tool types or groups, select appropriate colours for particular applications, create a unique overall look for their product range and, as if that was not enough, use the colour to measure the degree of abrasion.

The result is that manufacturers in the global tool market can now develop unique colour combinations for their range of tools – all thanks to BALIQ’s® still-revolutionary performance.

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