In 2021, Oerlikon did not receive any complaint from clients or prospects in relation to our use of their personal data or direct marketing activities.

Three of our suppliers reported having suffered personal data breaches in 2021, but none of these breaches compromised any of our customers’ data. At Oerlikon, no personal data breach had to be reported to data protection authorities.

Data protection trainings intensified in 2021. A mandatory Group-wide GDPR training, provided to our employees in 2021, covered all GDPR requirements, including, notably, the reporting and management of personal data breaches. In addition, we provided our sales teams with specific trainings relating to GDPR and management of clients’ data.

At Oerlikon, we have data protection policies that define roles and responsibilities in this field. We also have privacy notices dedicated to clients. These policies and privacy notices are aligned with GDPR requirements.