Worker Health

Promotion of worker health
GRI 403-6

In the majority of the countries where Oerlikon operates, public health systems are in place to meet Oerlikon employees’ need for non-occupational medical and healthcare services.

Oerlikon’s own initiatives to promote workers’ health include global and local programs. In 2021, we placed a special focus on protecting hands and fingers as an analysis showed that more than 50% of accidents at Oerlikon in recent years were related to these parts.

The Group-wide hand protection campaign rollout provided each workplace with a digital package that included poster templates and a presentation, each available in several languages. The posters were put on display in succession over the course of three weeks, and the presentation and staff training took place during week three. Managers had the option of giving the presentation on the shop floor or at the start of team meetings, and all employees were required to attend to raise awareness of hand safety, not only in our facilities and offices, but also at home. 

Heightened awareness of infection threats led to an additional global health initiative: free flu vaccinations. These were offered in the past at many sites, but, since 2020, we have (within the limits of local laws) expanded this initiative worldwide. Participation is voluntary, but we encouraged employees to consider receiving the flu vaccination to give themselves the added protection. 

Additionally, we piloted a wellbeing training under a new program called Adaptive Resilience in December. This program aims to help employees learn how to empower and build trust, focus on clarity and improve their mental wellbeing and is scheduled to be rolled out in 2022.