Sustainability Report 2020

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Letter from CEO

Sustainability is a living principle for Oerlikon, entrenched in the innovations we develop for customers as they seek to become smarter in their use of resources — to achieve more with less.

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Sustainable Development at Oerlikon by SDGs

By their nature, our processes and operations have a greater impact on certain SDGs. We have prioritized the goals that correlate to generating the greatest public good. In this way, we can make the greatest difference in our practices as well as our impact on the planet and its people, whether globally or in the communities in which we work.

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  • Switching to energy-saving leds
  • Reinforcing infrastructure With geotextiles
  • Recycling of fibers
  • Esync technology to reduce Weight and length
  • Our community contribution to help Fight covid-19
  • Women in high-potential programs
  • Talent acquisition
  • R&D Partnership for virucidal And antimicrobial coatings