Sustainable Development at Oerlikon based on SDGs

Switching to energy-saving leds

Fluorescence lighting has gradually been replaced with modern energy-saving LED lighting over the past years at a number of Oerlikon sites. In 2019, modern lighting was installaed in Barleben and Langenfeld in Germany and Chon Buri in Thailand, among other sites.

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Reinforcing infrastructure with geotextiles

Textiles are increasingly being associated with infrastructure. Geotextiles are permeable polyester or polypropylen fabrics that are used as inlays in roads, buildings or bridges to extend the life of the structures. Oerlikon’s nonwoven systems are used to produce geotextiles for inlays that reinforce structure to extend repair intervals, increase durability and reliability, and lower maintenance costs.

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Recycling of fibers

In the circular economy, discarded items become raw materials for new goods. Carpet manufacturing customers use Oerlikon Neumag’s solutions to process recycled polyester and produce recycled bulked continuous filament carpet yarns (BCF) around the world. Oerlikon R&D is continually focused on developments designed to reduce waste and capitalize on untapped resources in all its manmade fibers product lines.

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Esync technology to reduce weight and length

When developing advanced hybrid transmissions, automotive manufacturers face the challenge of finding the space to accommodate both electric and combustion engines without sacrificing performance. Oerlikon’s eSync (synchronizer) delivers a solution that reduces the axial package by up to 11 mm in one synchronizer system — space that can accommodate additional components or allow for a reduction in transmission length.

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Our community contribution to help fight covid-19

During the pandemic, Oerlikon accelerated the production of equipment used to manufacture protective masks and gear. In addition, Oerlikon employees coordinated donations of masks
and hand sanitizer in Germany, Mexico and China, and contributed to funds in India and to Doctors Without Borders to help COVID-19 patients. These type of initiatives embody Oerlikon’s
spirit of service to the communities in which we do business.

Women in high-potential programs

In 2019, women made up 24% of the participants in our career accelerator program, Horizons — a number we aim to increase to 30% by 2030. Horizons has shown success in developing the
next generation of Oerlikon leaders. More than half of program’s graduates have been promoted or given increased responsibility. We are committed to promoting gender diversity by increasing
the representation of women in this program.

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Talent acquisition

2020 was the year in which we expanded the usage of digital channels to complement our other talent acquisition and recruiting programs. Using websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed
delivered noteworthy returns that have almost doubled the number of applicants received through online tools, while also increasing the quality of applicants and employer brand visibility. These tools give Oerlikon access to a larger pool of high-caliber talent, accelerate the hiring process and reduce recruiting costs.

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R&D partnership for virucidal and antimicrobial coatings

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly raised concerns of viruses being transmitted via surfaces. To address this, Oerlikon is using its materials and coating expertise in an R&D partner
project with CNRS, the University of Limoges and Safran. The goal is to jointly develop antimicrobial and virucidal coatings for plastics and other materials. Initial usage is targeted at aircraft interior parts, and the application is planned to be extended to other industry sectors.

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Thomas Schmidt

Head of Group Communications