BALTONE decorative coloursSuperb wear resistant designer finishes for decorative applications.


Engaging design and wear resistant at the same time: products treated with BALTONE™ get an elegant design with multiple possible colours, combined with the benefits of a hard, scratch resistant coating.

BALTONE™ can be applied to metallized plastics such as ABS, PC, PC/ABS and PC/PBT, and to metals including stainless steel, aluminium, titanium alloys and aluminium alloys.

Exclusive colour options ensure that the required function can be combined with the desired colour. Let us know what you need and we will find the optimal solution .

Our BALTONE™ coatings are applied using environmentally-friendly Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD).

The result? Long-lasting, decorative colour coatings.

  • Advantages


    Hard, extremely thin coating


    Designed to meet the strictest safety requirements

    Wide range of appealing colours


    Stylish colouring for metal and metalized plastic

    PVD: innovative coating method


    Ideal for durable colour coatings with a high resistance to chemicals and perspiration

  • Specifications
    Hardness ++ +++ +++
    Resistance to scratches + ++ +++
    Resistance to abrasive wear + ++ +++
    Colours +++ + +
    Resistance to chemicals and to corrorion caused by sweat ++ ++ ++
    Biocompatible ++ ++ +
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  • Applications

    Recommended applications

    • Design Line
      The Design Line comprises of a wide range of high-quality, colourful surface coatings which allow you to design your products with greater creativity and flexibility: you can select the effect and colour that’s right for you.

    • Automotive interiors
      Stylish colouring for metal and metalised plastic trim. Highly resistant to scratches and abrasive wear.Guaranteed compliance with the strictest safety requirements.

    • Watches
      High-end colours for cases and components. Highly resistant to scratches and abrasive wear. Excellent resistance to chemicals alcohol. biocompatible.

    • Pen and office tools
      Substitute for gold, palladium,and rhodium plating. Attractive colours. Resistant to scratches and abrasive wear. Excellent resistance to chemicals and to corrosion caused by sweat. biocompatible.

    • Sanitary fixtures
      Exquisite colouring on metal and metalised plastic components. No surface texture irregularities. Highly resistant to abrasive wear and scratches. Excellent resistance to chemicals.

    • Consumer electronics
      Colours for metallic and metalised plastic parts: elegant and resistant to scratches and abrasive wear. Examples include razors, mobile phones, medical gear and headphones.

    • Eyewear
      Decorative coatings in a polished or brushed finish.

    • Further applications
      Eyewear, jewellery and sporting goods in a polished or brushed finish.

    Components applications

    • Automotive Interiors Automotive Interiors

      Details make the difference: BALTONE revolutionises component finishes. The ultimate coating solution for long-lasting, high-end automotive interiors.

    • Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics

      Protection & decoration of metal substrates and plated plastic substrates

    • Further Applications Further Applications Details
    • Aircraft interior design Aircraft interior design Details
    • Pens & Office Pens & Office

      Personalise your design

    • Sanitary Fixtures Sanitary Fixtures

      Protection & decoration of metal substrates and plated plastic substrates

    • Watches Watches

      For seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years: BALINIT.

  • Further information
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