BALIFOR MThe new Molybdenum – Nitride Coating for the automotive industry

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If you need stable conditions in tribological contacts under high loads at high temperatures of up to 800° Celsius, BALIFOR™ M from Oerlikon Balzers guarantees the best protection of both friction partners.

The excellent compatibility with lubricants and additives is one of the main advantages of BALIFOR™ M. It is the alternative solution when carbon-based coatings suffer from thermal degradation and/or are not compatible with aggressive lubricants.

  • Advantages


    Properties of MoN-based coatings can be adjusted over a wide range:

    • 15 – 35 GPa film hardness
    • COF in (minimum) lubricated systems similar to a-C:H (DLC about 0.06)
    • High compatibility to lubricants and additives, not affected by MoDTC 
    • Stable up to 450° C, HT versions up to 800° C
    • Very low wear and counter-body wear
    • Gradient layers and running-in layers
  • Specifications


    Coating material MoN
    Coating structure Sputter / Arc
    Coating colour Silver
    Coating hardness HIT[GPa]* 15 – 35 depending on application
    Max. service temp. [°C]**** 800
    Typical coating thickness [µm] 2 - 4
    General remark All given data are approximate values, they depend on application, environment and test condition.
    *Coating hardness HIT[GPa] Measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. For multilayers the hardness of the different layers varies.
    ****Max. service temp. [°C] These are approximate values out of the field. Due to thermodynamic laws there is a dependency of pressure in application.
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