BALDIA NANOHigh-performance machining of fibre-reinforced composites, stack materials and Al alloys


Tools coated with BALDIA® NANO can reliably machine fibre-reinforced composites (GFRP, CFRP), stack materials and Al alloys (Si>12%).

Selecting the ideal interface engineering prevents burr formation and delamination. Tight tolerances can be achieved for the coating thickness or the tool diameter.

Longer tool life and better surface quality significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

Note: BALDIA NANO was previously named BALINIT DIAMOND NANO.

  • Advantages


    • Highest abrasive wear resistance
    • Less sticking of metallic stack materials (e.g. aluminium and titanium) to the tool
    • Allows optimum process reliability and productivity
    • Excellent coating thickness distribution on rake face of inserts
  • Specifications


    Coating material C-based (sp3)
    Coating structure CVD
    Coating colour grey
    Coating hardness HIT[GPa]* 80 - 100
    Max. service temp. [°C]**** 600
    Coating temperature [°C] < 900
    Typical coating thickness [µm] 6 - 12
    General remark All given data are approximate values, they depend on application, environment and test condition.
    *Coating hardness HIT[GPa] Measured by nano indentation according to ISO 14577. For multilayers the hardness of the different layers varies.
    ****Max. service temp. [°C] These are approximate values out of the field. Due to thermodynamic laws there is a dependency of pressure in application.
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  • Applications

    Recommended applications

    • Ideal solution for applications using inserts
    • Excellent cutting performance for shank tools used to machine fibre-reinforced plastics

    Tools applications

    • Cutting Cutting

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