BALINIT ALCRONA PROUniversal machining at the highest level


Your tools are heavily stressed in production, with high mechanical and thermal strains. Nonetheless, productivity has to be increased. For these demands we created BALINIT® ALCRONA PRO, the top level all-rounder for cutting, punching and die casting. With this coating we were able to significantly excel the performance curve of the already proven BALINIT® ALCRONA. This results in an extremely wear resistant coating with excellent hot hardness and thermal shock stability. In short: The universal coating for superb results in dry and wet machining at high cutting speeds.

  • Application

    Recommendation Application

    Carbide and HSS end mills, modular milling cutters

    Roughing and finishing of

    • Steel, up to 52 HRC
    • Cast iron
    • Wet, MMS and dry machining


    Drilling in

    • Steel, up to 52 HRC
    • Cast iron
    • Wet, MMS and dry machining

    Carbide and HSS hobs, stick blades, shaper cutters

    Gear cutting in

    • Steel, up to 52 HRC
    • Wet, MMS and dry machining

    Forming and punching tools
    Aluminium pressure die-casting moulds


    Tools applications

    • Cutting Cutting

      Oerlikon Balzers drives your cutting tools forward

    • Metal Forming Metal Forming

      BALINIT and BALITHERM treated dies stay in shape longer

    • Plastics processing Plastics processing

      The benchmark for injection moulding and extrusion

    • Die Casting Die Casting

      BALINIT® for more productivity in die casting


    Components applications

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