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In-house Coating Centres

Coating services on your doorstep

In-house Coating Centres

For the coating of large part volumes, Oerlikon Balzers will, upon request, move to your site. We take over and manage the coating operations, but on your premises and integrated into your production system.

Markets increasingly require faster responses and reduced delivery times are of growing importance for tool and component manufacturers.

Your processing volumes justify the setting up your own coating facilities, but this requires major investments in coating equipment, cleaning, pre and post-treatment and quality control.

An in-house coating centre, operated and managed by Oerlikon Balzers: a solution further enhancing your level of service.

Your Advantages:

  • Within your production facilities or door-to-door
  • Limited financial exposure
  • Staff recruitment and training by Oerlikon Balzers, in line with our standards
  • Optimal work-flow, shortest and flexible delivery times
  • Development and production of your own coatings
  • Access to the latest coating technology developments
  • Production peaks handled by the nearest Oerlikon Balzers centre

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